The Rebuild

by Midnight Realm

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This song is free to download, however if anyone wishes to pay any money toward this track 100% of the cash will go toward finishing our album. We hope to have it out to you guys at some point in 2015.

We'd also just like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to listen and support our band. It means the world that you guys love what we do and as long as you want to hear more we will keep releasing music!

- MR


A Perfect Canvas to start again
The chance to rise higher on broken terrain
The dreams of our Eden no longer fulfilled
So why wont you let me build?

Why wont you let me build?

I created foundations,
Laid out the plans
A world of perfection
A dawning of man
Instead of rebuilding to learn from mistakes
You refuse to acknowledge the problems we made

And watch my empire grow with might
This world will burn
The past and future i will write
This world is mine

So hear these words
(Hear these words)
I Can set you free from a broken world
(Set me free)
I am the key, and i see a chance to start again

You've seen this all fall before us
The structures left here to burn and rot
The nerve that you dare to challenge
An architect is something that you're not

I've seen us break
I've seen it burn
I've seen the hoards of people turn
The hour of need
The countless pleas
You showed your face of no concern

This world of waste
There's more to it
My vision will change our lives
As i transcend
Your reign will end
My doctrine will re-write the course of all

So watch my empire fight with hate
The order of power will turn
Fall to your knees and meet your fate
The future is mine to hold

Today begins a change
The chance to start anew
A view to change our lives
The start of something true

So hear these words
(Hear these words)
I Can set you free from a broken world
(Set me free)
I am the key, and i see a chance to start again

Set me free


released September 22, 2014
Music by Daniel Russell, John Dalziel & Alan Bestwicke
Lyrics by Daniel Russell & Liam Posselwhite

Recorded by Daniel Russell @ ITA Studios

Mixed & Mastered by Chris Clancy @ Chris Clancy Audioworks

Album artwork by Alex Pryle @ Dead Crown Design

Guest vocals by Chris Clancy
Guest solo by Benjamin Ellis




all rights reserved


Midnight Realm England, UK

Midnight Realm is a 7 piece melodic metal band from the UK.

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